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Hundreds or thousands of interactions everyday and the nature of the relationships they foster make you the unique business you are. But your culture is also what will make you the business you want to be...  


Top down or bottom up? It's important to get the balance right when defining, activating and nurturing your 'brand inside'. The challenge for leaders is to set the standard, clarify expectations while also democratising ownership of an internal brand.



Creating an employer brand, or launching a campaign is only ever the beginning. Continuing to manage, nurture and develop an internal brand is where value grows and greater consistency achieved.


Often recruitment is the most urgent priority for internal brand interventions. To promote your opportunities competitively you must first have consensus around your strengths and consistently deliver an experience that meets them. 


Identity, design & Creativity

Bringing character and creativity to your engagement with employees, prospects and partnerships is what differentiates you as an employer. Crucially, brand aligned content and design will also help you connect more deeply to grow loyalty and ultimately improve performance.