Brand Insiders take centre stage in Munich for PKF


In October we joined the annual PKF Global Gathering for the third time. Having attended in Montreal in 2015, Athens in 2016 we met the team again in Munich in 2018 to share the brand blueprint, story and evolved brand style that resulted from a consultation of their Top 20 firms and a collaborative project with a brand steering group representing four global regions. This was the first opportunity partners from firms from around the world got to see and reflect upon a consolidated articulation of the network brand and a refreshed creative approach to presenting it.

We look forward to supporting PKF as they execute their strategy and mobilise their global teams to unite behind one global brand.

Thanks for hosting us in Munich John, Pattra, Phil and the team.

And thanks to our exceptional design partners at Studio Thought Process for your dedication to collaborating with us on the creative.

Fiona Burnett