Sara Fitzsimmons receives her MBE


There were many moments in 2017 when working with SiMBA that we struggled to hold back a tear. SiMBA, founded by Sara Fitzsimmons, is a charity that supports bereaved families through miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death. In the last 10 years, SiMBA has supplied over 9,000 Memory Boxes, created 8 support groups in Scotland & developed a return to work program.

Susanna, supported by Kat from Studio Thought Process, and Plum Films, worked with Sara to reimagine SiMBA's memory boxes and provide medical professionals with the information they need to ensure that the experience of receiving a SiMBA memory box is meaningful and cherished.

So, it was a happy tear that sneaked our of our eye when we heard of the acknowledgement of Sara's pioneering work with the award of an MBE. Very, very much deserved.

Thanks to the families who shared our stories with us.
Thanks to the partners (STP and Plum) who dedicated their time to this worthy cause.


Fiona Burnett