What we do

 Create cultural advantage

Your ‘employer’ brand already exists. It’s what your business feels like inside, and how it appears outside. We’re here to give you an honest view of what this is then help you reimagine and redesign the employee experience as you would like it to be. Once we’ve done that, we help you communicate in a way that is valuable, meaningful and relevant to strengthen employee loyalty, optimise performance and increase your employer appeal. 

How we do it

We work on intervention projects where there is mutual commitment to making an impact, a mutual responsibility for the project outcomes and a mutual respect for the people whose lives will be changed.

We work with open minds and follow the principle that where there is structure, there is freedom. We invite opinion, discussion and constraints and take all of this as food for thought. We know there’s always more to learn so we listen, pay attention and collaborate. We’re inspired by old masters and gamechangers, by leaders and followers, by you and each other.

Our process has been finely tuned over the years and involves research, collaborating with your people, facilitating workshops and setting strategy. It’s rigorous but energetic. Fuelled by curiosity, it will leave you feeling inspired, focused and with a clear plan of action.

A snapshot of our experience

We’ve reflected the cultural strengths of a real estate market leader through a global Employee Value Proposition. | We helped build a high performance culture to support the ambitious growth strategy of UK dairy market leader. | We’ve given purpose and heartfelt values to a newly merged global economic research agency. | We helped a global professional membership organisation look to the future by changing the way it thinks about culture, recruitment and retention. | We brought values to life for one of the UK’s most loved drinks manufacturers. | We helped strengthen relationships between a PLC Group and its subsidiaries by developing a framework for shared storytelling and celebrating success.