Who we are

With a great deal of cross-sector experience consulting with corporate, consumer and business-to-business brands, our team has helped businesses carve competitive advantage in their markets, with their investor communities and with their people.


Meet Susanna


Susanna Freedman
Brand Consultant

I am curious. For 20 years as a business owner, employer and consultant I have been learning why people connect with brands and business. Be it character, a sense of purpose or belonging, alignment with what we care about or why we care. It is these idiosyncrasies that interest me. And it is the inspiring journey to ignite a brand, and excite and unite those who encounter it, that motivates me.



Meet Fiona

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Fiona Burnett
Brand Consultant

I’ve always been motivated by the ‘why’... the context, insight and opportunity behind every decision in the creative process. With 20 years of working from the inside and outside of businesses, through strategy to design, I know what it takes to inspire and engage with creativity and authenticity.



Research & Writing

Steven Lawther.jpg

Steven Lawther
Research consultant

Steven’s expertise lies in designing research scope, moderating, analysing findings to identify the strategic implications to help shape future brand and business strategy.

Collette Davis
Brand & writing

Starting out as an ad copywriter, working on through the line campaigns then Collette side stepped into the world of branding and design,  specialising in strategy and tone of voice.


Our creative network

We've had the privilege of working with some of our industry's best people - researchers, writers, designers, illustrators, animators... It's through collaborating with these creative specialists that we can deliver a broad and integrated offer of writing, design and production services. We share our trusted relationships with you, bringing you the right expertise to every project, every time.